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Linking Changesets to Work Items in TFS (after the fact)

Lately, I’ve had a few occasions in Team Foundation Server, where I’ve checked in a bunch of code and forgotten to associate the files with a work item. Not a huge deal, but I like to have my changes grouped-up by the bug or work item, so it’s been worthwhile for me to make the association.

Linking a changeset to one or more work items after the initial check-in is really easy, although it's not too intuitive. The easiest way that I’ve found to accomplish this is to open your bug or work item in TFS and scan about a third of the way down the page to a group of tabs. Within these tabs is a “Links” tab:

Now, click this “Links” tab, to see any changesets (or test results, or other work items) that have already been associated with this work item:

From here, you can click “Add” and choose Changeset from the Link type dropdown list. Enter the number of the changeset and a comment, and voila.

Link added! I hope this saves you some time and searching.nn1

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